ONLINE Workshop series: Ragtime Feel and Repertoire

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Join me for a 4 week class in which we explore and deepen our understanding of rhythmic feels in ragtime, and how that translates to the hammered dulcimer. We'll create a visceral understanding of several rhythmic concepts and put them into practice in multiple ragtime pieces- the 4-part, 2-key Dill Pickle Rag, and the East Texas Serenaders' Combination Rag, among others. The focus of the workshop is to develop an ability to play ragtime in an effective and compelling manner, understanding emphasis/de-emphasis, effective and smooth hammering, and syncopation.

Held over Zoom, you'll be sent music and exercise materials, and will be sent the videos to download each week, which means conflicts with the dates or time are not an issue and you'll have lifetime access to the workshop videos.

Four Sessions, 90 minutes each. Series runs JAN 5-26, 2:30-4pm EST

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Go to https://allroadsleadhome.com/product/952414 to purchase and register for the series!