"As an elementary teacher I’m very aware of teaching pedagogy and am very in touch with when my needs as a learner are being met. I am intrigued with Tina’s ability to tap into my understanding and develop my new skills/ awareness using demonstration, imagery and visualization, diagrams, focus on body awareness and its effect on my playing. Tina stays within my learning zone while gently nudging me to new playing levels."

 -- Steve Schack, dulcimer student


"On behalf of the all the Augusta staff, thank you for doing such a splendid job at Spring Dulcimer Week. It’s very obvious that you are a dedicated and gifted teacher in addition to being a fine musician and performer."

-- Margot Blevin, Director, Augusta Heritage Center

Tina has taught privately since age 12 and has a BA in Music Education from Kent State University. Tina offers private lessons in-person, by Zoom or Skype, and is a sought after instructor at teaching camps and festivals around the country.  Experienced at teaching all levels, from rank beginners to professionals, Tina uses her degree in music and a wide variety of teaching techniques to get students playing music with skill and joy. Tina is also available to do teaching weekends for your local dulcimer club or community and works with the needs of a group to determine workshop topics and goals.  Private lessons are $50/hour and are payable by cash, check and paypal.  Contact Tina about lessons.

Available in the Store is Tina's newest offering, Bells in the High Tower, a book of arrangements of seasonal music for the beginner to advanced player.  Included in the book are techniques and tips for learning and performance.  View Bells in the High Tower.





In my experience it has been the rare individual who can both do something exceptionally well and teach it exceptionally well.

You are one of those rare individuals.

--Kimberly Winebrenner, student

NORTH-EAST OHIO HAMMERED DULCIMER WEEKEND For the past few years Tina has hosted the North-East Ohio Hammered Dulcimer Weekend with Mark Alan Wade and Karen Crawford-Alley, catering to the needs of hammer dulcimer players from multiple states with workshops, private lessons, jamming and concerts.  The 2019 weekend is slated for October 5-6, with an optional meet and greet jam session on October 4th. 

Get more information and register for the North-East Ohio Hammered Dulcimer Weekend.


Photo: Tina teaching at the Hammer Dulcimer Rendezvous, Sandy OR.