Fine Artiste: CD
  • Fine Artiste: CD
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American Old Time and Old Country Blues on Hammered Dulcimer, Harmonica, Bass and Guitar. With a few vocals.

  1. Langstrom's Pony
  2. Tug River/Meg Grey
  3. In the Pines
  4. Snowbound Blues
  5. Rip Van Winkle
  6. Up Country Blues
  7. New Waltz
  8. Valse Petit Dejeuner-Far Away
  9. I Had to Give Up Gym
  10. Combination Rag-Control of Earth
  11. La Partida
  12. Banana Man
  13. Swallowtail Jig-Bellman's Jig and Reel
  14. Jim Shank
  15. Old Hen Cackle
  16. Brigg's Jig and Brigg's Reel
  17. Soir et Matin
  18. Fine Artiste Blues
  19. Ships and Sailing
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