Hu$hmoney: CD
  • Hu$hmoney: CD
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high energy dance music with hammered dulcimer, fiddles, guitar, bass and some percussion.

  1. Appleknocker
  2. Swallowtial Jig/Haste to the Wedding?Marie's Wedding
  3. Cascade Road/Ships are Sailing
  4. At Work on the Land/Tatter Jack Walsh
  5. Waynesboro/Long Way Home
  6. Unreel/Tova Och Konugen
  7. La Petit fille de la Mer
  8. New Boston Hornpipe/Boatin Up Sandy
  9. Garfield's Blackberry Blossum/Big John McNeil
  10. Salty River Reel/ Pretty Betty Martin
  11. Donnez Moi Pauline
  12. Appleknocker Club Remix
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