All Roads Lead Home: CD
  • All Roads Lead Home: CD
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An eclectic mix of Tina and Bryan's concert material-early American jigs and reels, ragtime, traditional music from Mexico, South America and Cuba, Classical repetoire.

  1. Swinging on a Gate
  2. Spring Thaw/Hare in the Hat/Miss Grace Haye's Delight
  3. Hawkin's Rag/Rocking in Rhythm
  4. Karen's Theme
  5. Guige/Maggie Brown's Favorite
  6. Oklahoma Rooster/Hog Trough Reel
  7. Dusty Miller/Church Street-St Mary
  8. La Partida
  9. Drume Negrita
  10. Breiz
  11. La Llorona
  12. Galician Waltz
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