Join me for a veritable smorgasbord of workshops of all levels and multiple instruments! I will be teaching novice through advanced levels and several workshops are close to selling out, so act now to register for workshops, buy your concert tickets, and take home some fun merch!

FRI: Make Friends with Your Metronome (Friday, Session 1, Hammered Dulcimer, Level 3) 7HD049 Create Loads of Variations with a Medieval Tune, “Goddesses.” (Friday, Session 2, Hammered Dulcimer, Level 4) 7HD086

SAT: Learn the Delightful Swedish Tune, “Knuss Olles Life Music.” (Saturday, Session 1, Hammered Dulcimer, Level 4) 7HD087 Dynamics and Musicality-Transform from Flat to Fabulous (Saturday, Session 2, Hammered Dulcimer, Level 3) 7HD050 (Two period master class!) Learn “Shenandoah” with Variations (Saturday, Session 4, Hammered Dulcimer, Level 5) 7HD111 Lead Patterns–What Are They and Who Needs Them? (Saturday, Session 6, Hammered Dulcimer, Level 2) 7HD019

SUN: Bryan and I close out the concert so make sure to buy you ticket! One low ticket price gets you into concerts from Thursday through Sunday--FIVE concerts in all!