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A Collection of Tunes for the Hammered Dulcimer, Volume I (1990)
Going to Boston (1985) & Just Because (1983) - Re-released in 2008 as Retrospective


David Rice - harmonica, guitar & fiddle
Tina Bergmann - hammered dulcimer, guitar & dumbek
Heather Malyuk - fiddle & guitar
Bryan Thomas - double bass & foot percussion

Hu$hmoney (2009)

1. Appleknocker 3:02
2. Swallowtail Jig/Haste to the Wedding/Marie’s Wedding 5:59
3. Cascade Road/Ships are Sailing 4:34
4. At Work on the Land/Lady Alexis Russell’s Reel 4:40
5. Waynesboro/Long Way Home/Accordion Crimes 6:00
6. Unreel/Tova Och Konugen 4:49
7. La Petite Fille de la Mer 2:46
8. New Boston Hornpipe/Boatin Up Sandy 4:35
9. Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom/Big John McNeil 5:16
10. Salty River Reel/Pretty Betty Martin 4:39
11. Donnez Moi Pauline 3:28
12. Appleknocker Club Remix 2:14

Strings & Things was founded by Diana Bergmann (lap dulcimer) around 1980 as a family band that included her daughter, Tina (playing hammered and lap dulcimer-age 8), and son Monty (playing harmonica and limberjack- age 9) with husband Jim building hammered dulcimers, carrying heavy things and cheering loudly. In 1982, a Friday night jam session started by Diana in Richfield, Ohio yielded four additional members for the band: fiddler Montie Froehlich, guitarist and banjo player Cal Craig, 12 string guitarist Mel Knopp, and David Rice playing harmonica, autoharp, and washtub bass. Strings & Things released their first recording, Just Because, in 1983 and became a familiar face at Ohio festivals as well as a variety of private and corporate events.

A second recording, Going to Boston, followed in 1985, introducing 10-year-old fiddler, Jason Hamilton and featuring Diana, Tina and David.

Just Because:
Diana Bergmann-mountain dulcimer, banjo uke
Tina Bergmann-hammered dulcimer
Monty Bergmann-harmonica on Going to Boston and Columbus Stockade Blues
David Rice-harmonica, washtub bass
Montie Froehlich-fiddle
Mel Knopp-12 string guitar
Cal Craig-guitar, banjo, triangle

Going to Boston:
Diana Bergmann-banjo-uke, mountain dulcimer
Tina Bergmann-hammered dulcimer
Jason Hamilton-fiddle
David Rice: harmonica, guitar, baritone horn

Retrospective (2008)

1. Kiss Me Quick
2. Columbus Stockade Blues
3. Harrison Town
4. Lonesome Hill
5. Solider's Joy
6. Ragtime Annie
7. Just Because
8. Schubert's Lullaby
9. Cuckoo's Nest
10. Woodchopper's Reel
11. Cold Frosty Morning/Drowsy Maggie
12. Doctor, Doctor
13. West Fork Gals
14. Sadie at the Backdoor
15. Son of Chinese Breakdown
16. Dulcimer Reel
17. Wild Rice/Freckles and Fedora
18. Daphne
All Roads Lead Home is Tina and Bryan's second recording as a duo, featuring inventive and grooving takes on Celtic tunes, American rags and reels, South American gems and more.   This is music they've collected throughout the years from all aspects of their lives; the traditional tunes Tina has played since childhood, new music from Cape Breton friends, Classical music gleaned from Bryan's solo bass repertoire and more.
All Roads Lead Home (2003)

1. Swinging On The Gate Player mp3
2. Spring Thaw/Hare in the Hat/
Grace Hay's Delight
Player mp3
3. Hawkin’s Rag/
Rockin’in Rhythm
Player mp3
4. Karen’s Theme
5. Gigue/Maggie Brown’s
6. Oklahoma Rooster/
Hog Trough Reel
7. Dusty Miller/Church
Street Mary
Player mp3
8. La Partida
9. Drume Negrita Player mp3
10. Breiz
11. La Llorona Player mp3
12. Galician Waltz

 A long awaited recording that includes seasonal tunes along with beautiful and spirited music that is appropriate year-round, this critically acclaimed CD is perfect for holiday gatherings and quiet moments alike. These Winter Joys will delight you with new music and traditional favorites and help to create a holiday season that is celebratory as well as reflective.
These Winter Joys (2001)

1. Ding Dong Merrily on High Player mp3
2. Leaping and Dancing
3. Sleigh Ride
4. January Waltz
5. Goddesses/Andropov Player mp3
6. Bring a Torch,
Jeanette, Isabella
7. Waltz of the Little Girls Player mp3
8. Ode to Joy/Simple Gifts Player mp3
9. Carol of the Bells
10. In the Bleak Midwinter Player mp3
11. What Child is This?
12. Joy to the World

This eclectic recording is the Bergmann Brothers at their finest, performing a wonderful variety of old time and old country blues instrumentals and vocals.  With Tina Bergmann on hammered dulcimer, guitar and vocals, David Rice on guitar, harmonica and vocals and Bryan Thomas on bass, the Bergmann Brothers create a musical experience that includes driving old time tunes, beautiful waltzes, Celtic dance tunes, funky old blues songs as well as two amazing solo harmonica performances by David that will knock your socks off.  This CD contains selections performed live in concert as well as studio material.
Fine Artiste: The Bergmann Brothers (1997)

1. Langstrom’s Pony Player mp3
2. Tug River/Meg Grey Player mp3
3. In the Pines
4. Snowbound Blues Player mp3
5. Rip Van Winkle
6. Up Country Blues
7. New Waltz
8. Valse Petit Dejeuner/
Far Away
9. I Had to Give up Gym
10. Combination Rag/
Control of Earth
11. La Partida Player mp3
12. Banana Man Blues
13. Swallowtail Jig/
Bellman’s Jig and Reel
14. Jim Shank
15. Old Hen Cackle
16. Brigg’s Jig and Brigg’s Reel
17. Soir et Matin
18. Fine Artiste Blues Player mp3
19. Ships are Sailing

A high energy recording that will have you tapping your feet and itchin’ to get up and move, Shady Grove is filled with dance tunes from the United States and beyond.  With a full sound that includes hammered dulcimer, fiddle, harmonica, banjo uke, bass, baritone horn and piano, Shady Grove captures the excitement, rhythm and drive of a contra dance while still retaining the fine musicianship you’ve come to expect from this band.  Tina Bergmann, Diana Bergmann, Jason Hamilton, David Rice, Mark DeLozier.
Shady Grove: Strings& Things (1994)

1. Doctor, Doctor
2. Over the Water to Charlie
3. Icy Mountain Player mp3
4. Lady Walpole’s Reel Player mp3
5. Honeysuckle
6. Temperance Reel/
Shenandoah Falls
7. Spider Bit the Baby
8. Kitchen Girl/Cascade Road Player mp3
9. Pikes Peak
10. Smash the Windows/
Bellman’s Jig and Reel
11. Combination Rag
12. Frenchies Reel
13. Paddy on the Landfill Player mp3
14. Southtown Player mp3
15. Valse Petit Dejeuner
16. Shady Grove

Tunebook:  A Collection of Tunes for the Hammered Dulcimer, Volume II (1999)

A total of 31 tunes including unusual fiddle tunes, some standards, plus jigs, rags, some originals and a few beautiful waltzes.  This 31 page tunebook compiled and written by Tina Bergmann that includes method for the hammered dulcimer, a diagram of note location on the dulcimer showing where each note is placed on the staff, as well as chords throughout.  The tunes are broken down into categories of reels, waltzes, jigs, etc., and are graded by difficulty under each heading.  This is a book of Tina’s arrangements, filled with the techniques she uses to achieve her unique rhythmic and syncopated sound plus important information on the techniques necessary to achieve musicality.  As well as being an outstanding resource for many unusual and lesser-heard tunes, this book is a must for musicians who wish to play more complete and varied arrangements.
Companion Cassette:  A Collection of Tunes for the Hammered Dulcimer, Vol. II (1999)
This is a companion cassette recorded with the learner in mind.  The tunes listed above are played through once slowly and then up to tempo on the hammered dulcimer with no accompaniment to facilitate ease of listening.  Whether you’re learning by ear or want to use the tape to help capture the feel of the tunes, this cassette is a great addition to your learning library. Extra long playing tape.

1.  Doctor, Doctor (on Shady Grove)
2.  Cuckoo’s Nest
3.  Forked Deer
4.  Rowe’s Division
5.  Cambleton Snows
6.  Cuffy
7.  Hog Trough Reel (on All Roads Lead Home)
8.  Spotted Pony
9.  New Boston Hornpipe
10.  Shenandoah Falls (on Shady Grove)
11.  Meg Grey (on Fine Artiste)
12.  Wes Muir’s Tune
13.  Tug River (on Fine Artiste)
14.  Icy Mountain (on Shady Grove)
15.  Oklahoma Rooster (on All Roads Lead Home)
16.  Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom
17.  Iberia Breakdown
18.  Appleknocker
19.  Poplar Bluff
20.  Dusty Miller (on All Roads Lead Home)
21.  Langstrom’s Pony (on Fine Artiste)
22.  Spring Thaw (on All Roads Lead Home)
23.  Whiskers
24.  Happy Heiny
25.  Honeysuckle (on Shady Grove)
26. Control of Earth (on Fine Artiste)
27. Squid Squirt Stomp
28.  Kathy, Bride of Matt
29.  La Valse Pour Des Jeunes Filles
  (Waltz of the Little Girls- on These Winter Joys)
30.  Wedding Waltz lead sheet
31.  Wedding Waltz

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